Range Lights Project (Updated July ’17)

Over the past year the club has researched the possibility of adding lights to the range. This would allow the club to shoot in the evenings which has many advantages. Most clubs have lights and often shoot “trap games” in the evenings. It is a way to have some fun and have a good time. Also, in the winter the sun sets at 5:30 which does not leave much time at all for students to shoot during the weekdays as most have classes until 4:30 or even 5:30.

We have gotten far enough along in this project that the Corec has gotten involved and did their own assessment of the project. They estimate it will cost $20,000 to do this project. But we have many options to lower this cost. Here are some of the project details. We want to add lights to one field, our combination trap and skeet field. We will need two light poles, one will sit behind station 2, the other behind station 6. In order to put in these lights we will need a new electrical box. There is talks of adding lights to the first trap field as well, it would probably only require one additional light pole.

Our biggest hurdle right now is raising the funds to take on this project and finding contractors who will work with us on lowering the price. That is why we are asking alumni and anyone who is interested in helping out the club to possibly donate some money for the project or help us out in any way with the project. We would like to get this project done in the next few years if possible.

Update 7/1/2017:

The project has been approved and is currently being worked on by the University. It will hopefully be completed by the beginning of the fall 2017 semester. We are still in need of funds, we have raised $10,000 and are still looking for an additional $15,000.

By Isaac Keldsen


  1. We should talk. Give me a call or email. I have some contacts that can likely assist.

    I would like to get involved.

  2. WINCO Construction Company would donate labor and equipment to install light pole bases if required. We are a concrete contractor located in West Lafayette. Don Windler, owner, is a 1984 graduate of the Construction Engineering and Management program.
    Nick Ancil, project manager, is a graduate of the Building Construction Management program.

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