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The Purdue Trap and Skeet Club is an official Purdue University club, affiliated with Rec Sports. We are a student-run clay target shooting club open to all Purdue students, staff members, and family. Students can compete in several competitions around the Midwest each semester. A national competition takes place in the late spring semester in San Antonio, Texas. Our club owns a range a few minutes south of Purdue for practice and open shooting during the specified hours. We send out emails detailing when we are open, we do not have set hours as our schedules change frequently. Subscribe to our email list to receive those notifications. It can be found on our home page. We have been having difficulty with our email list, if you subscribe you should receive a verification email. If you do not receive this email try subscribing again, if that doesn’t work email one of us.

For students in high school that are interested in clay target shooting our club is for you. We accept all experience levels and love teaching new students how to shoot. For those who are experienced and shoot competitively we have a competitive team that travels around the country attending shoots as far as Fort Benning, Georgia, San Antonio, Texas, and even Colorado Springs, Colorado. We do not provide scholarships, we do however subsidize the costs for going on trips. Most trips besides nationals will cost at the most $150 to go, that covers travel, hotels, registration fees, etc. Shells and food are the only items the student must pay for.

The range is open for practice about 3 times a week. We do not have set practices as we are a student-run club, the club can be open more or less often depending on how much students want to help out. With that we have very cheap prices, $3 a round for targets, $7 for shells (we also have a deal where club members can buy a flat of shells for $50). We have several semi autos that can be used for free if you do not have a gun. You can store your gun and shells in our clubhouse as well, we have a few safes, all that is required is your gun have a trigger lock or case lock on it.

We have two trap fields and two skeet fields, one of which is an international skeet field. Our goal is to get a 5-stand field set up by the end of 2019, so we can practice for sporting clays as well. For competitions we go on about 5-7 a year.

If you are interested on our club, please contact us. We are happy to set up a range visit so you can check out our facilities and to learn more about us. A few of our biggest selling points is our range is only a few minutes from campus, students have walked and biked there many times, that is something few colleges have. Also, Purdue is a great school to go to, we have a great educational program, one of which you would be hard pressed to top at another college with a shotgun program. We love to shoot and have a fun time doing so. Contact us if you are interested!

8 thoughts on “For Prospective Students”

  1. Rowdy Snook says:

    I will graduate from High School 2018. I am interested in Universities that offer a competitive shooting team.

    1. putrap says:

      We have a competitive shooting team, we travel to various competitions 5-7 times per year. Costs are subsidized by the club as well. If you are still interested please contact us by emailing us and we will gladly answer any other questions you might have. Thanks!

  2. Rob says:

    What disciplines do you shoot?

    1. putrap says:

      We typically compete in trap, skeet, and sporting clays. We also occasionally compete in 5-Stand, super sporting, international skeet, trap doubles, wobble trap, and bunker trap.

  3. Tony says:

    Do you have a bunker or one close by

    1. putrap says:

      We do not have a bunker and at this time there are no bunker fields in Indiana. The nearest ranges with bunker will be Cardinal Center in Ohio and Hillsdale Shooting Sports Center in Michigan.

  4. Paula Petty says:

    My son is a Junior in high school. Plays football and basketball, but also loves trap shooting! He won the state competition twice. His GPA is about 3.9 and I would love for him to consider Purdue. He is also considering National Guard. May come to a football game soon and walk him around campus. Is there a best time to be able to show him the range??

    1. Spencer Jordan says:

      The range is student run so it is not open at regular intervals. If you go to and put in your email it will send you updates on when the range is open to the public. If a time does not work well, we could possibly get a member to show you the club when you come to visit campus!

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