The Range is located at:

1545 South River Road
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

The Range is hard to spot. When travelling down South River Road coming from Purdue, the drive will be on your right, just after the bend in the road.

Winter Weather

Please use caution when it snows. If you drive a small or 2-wheel drive vehicle, consider finding a ride or choosing a different day to visit us.

Board Members


Matt Pandol

Senior, Agronomy


Luke Reed

Sophmore, Industrial Engineering

Social Media Co-Chair

Katie Buchholtz

Freshman, Environmental Biology


Preston Becker

Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

Social Media Co-Chair

Nick Johnson

Freshman, Aerospace Engineering

Fundraising Chair

Thomas Hill

Freshman, N/A

Community Service Chair

Chloe Ruetz

Sophomore, Farm Management

Safety Officer

Evan Klockziem

Junior, Automation and Systems Engineering