Gun Storage


One benefit of purchasing a membership is the ability to store a gun at the range in one of our two safes. We will only store shotguns at our range since handguns/rifles cannot be shot at our facility.

To store a gun, you must do the following things:

1.) Fill out the gun storage agreement: PTSC Firearm Storage Agreement (

2.) Keep your firearm in a soft case or gun sleeve (NOT a hard shell case).

3.) Attach a piece of tape, nametag, or other adhesive to the case with your gun’s serial number written on it.

4.) Notify a range officer that you will be leaving your gun in the safe. Remember that you may only access it during range hours and that we will not open the safes at your request.

5.) Pick up your gun at the end of each semester and notify us when you do. Gun may not be kept at the range over winter break/summer unless otherwise arranged with the range safety officer.