We offer different levels of membership, open to both students and the public. As a member you receive discounted targets and ammo, access to member-only events, and a free t-shirt (Lifetime membership only). Should members choose to travel they will receive a stipend to help cover the cost of attending various competitions around the U.S. Contact us for more information.

The Purdue Trap and Skeet club is an entirely student-run organization. Therefore, we rely on student members to staff the range and fill officer positions. Range hours depend on student schedules, so the more students we have, we will be able to open the range more often!

The best way to know about range openings is to check our events page.

Range Officers

Range Officers are responsible for opening and running the range, enforcing the 12 rules of gun safety, and training/assisting new shooters. To become a Range Officer, you must pass a CPR/AED/First Aid certification and learn how to open the range with the Range Safety Officer. As an added bonus, you get 2 free rounds every time you open ($20 value)!

Board Members

Each year, we rely on several students to fill a variety of important positions within the club. If you are interested in helping make leadership decisions, being a board member is the best way to do so. Any student member of the club who is in good standing academically is eligible to run for any position. If there is any position that interests you, don't hesitate to reach out to the current chair holder to learn more!